Egg & Pullet Farmers' Workshop 2019
November 27 & 28, 2019
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Please see below for information to be presented at the upcoming Egg & Pullet Farmers’ Workshop including:

Workshop Agenda:     English     French

Future Hen Housing Plans Survey for Ontario Egg Farmers:     English     French

Conventional to Enriched Transition and Producer (CETPP) Program:     English     French

Double Wills Explanation and Rationale:     English     French

Quota Statistics:     English     French   

Statistical Package:     English     French   

Simplifying Our Quota System:  Farmer Consultation and Review of Policies and Programs, Roundtable Discussion:     English     French

2020-2022 Strategic Plan:     English     French

Production Facility Requirements – Mandatory vs. Voluntary, Roundtable Discussion:     English     French

Code of Conduct – Farmer Consultation:     English     French