Tabasco is picking up brunch TABs from coast to coast this summer!
The hot sauce connoisseurs are challenging Canadians from coast to coast to spice up their eggs and are picking up brunch tabs along the way.
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As the mercury rises, the 150-year-old brand is challenging brunch-lovers everywhere to follow suit and add some heat to their first meal of the day with one of their seven flavours of pepper sauce. From July 13 to August 31st, the TABASCO® Hot Summer Crew will be on the streets of Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver during peak weekend brunch times, picking up the tabs of lucky diners who post a photo of their meal with a bottle of TABASCO® to Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #myTABascoTO, #myTABascoMtl, or #myTABascoVC.
Brunchers from the rest of Canada can participate by using #myTABasco for a chance to get their tab picked-up by the brand’s digital team. “This promotion is about asking for TABASCO® by name at any Canadian restaurant,” explains Mathieu Terreault, brand manager for Tabasco in Canada. “We want to reward fans for spicing-up their dish with one of our seven sauces. Winners, in person or via direct message, will be awarded $20 as a thank you for making a space for TABASCO® at the breakfast table.”
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