DIY Egg Halloween Costume

Add a culinary spin to your planning this year with an egg-themed costume!
This easy do-it-yourself costume will be sure to bring eggs-citement to your festivities.

What you need:

  • Large white T-shirt
  • Tan coloured felt or other fabric
  • Yellow coloured felt or other fabric
  • White coloured felt or other fabric (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Hot glue gun with glue sticks
  • Plastic sheeting (ex. file protector)
  • Needle and thick thread (optional)

Step 1: Cut!

Start by placing your tan fabric on top of the T-shirt and draw the outline for the egg white. Make sure the outline is at least 2-inches inside the waist of the shirt. Cut out the tan fabric and put the t-shirt aside.

It’s time to cut the egg yolk. Simply place the yellow coloured fabric on top of the egg white cut out. Measure a circle that will fit inside the centre of the egg white. Mark where you would like the circle to be directly on your white fabric, then cut it out. Make sure to cut on the inside of the marker lines to avoid seeing them later.

Now that you have the egg white and egg yolk. You may want to add some 3-dimentional elements to your design. Using the white fabric, cut a crescent moon piece that will fit on the inside edge of the egg yolk. This will give the impression that the yolk is rounded and soft.

Step 2: Glue!

Insert your plastic sheeting in between the two layers of your shirt to ensure they do not get stuck together by the glue. Layer the egg white, yolk, and crescent shape the way you want it on your t-shirt. Once you are happy with your arrangement, carefully lift the yolk with the crescent shape together, leaving the egg white piece on the shirt.

Use your glue gun to add pea-sized drops on the back side of your tan fabric, directly to your shirt. Start with a few in the middle, then press down gently to hold it in place. Keep working along the edge of the egg white until it is securely fixed to the shirt. Repeat the same process for the egg yolk and then the crescent shape. Allow the glue to fully dry (about 10 minutes). Remove the plastic sheeting from inside the shirt and you’re ready to go!

Step 3: Sew!

This is an optional step for those looking for an extra flair and challenge! Using a needle and thread colour of your choice (black, orange, or white are good options), use a running stitch or overcast stitch technique to secure the edges of each piece of your egg. First, start with the egg white. Then, stitch the egg yolk all the way around. Finally, stitch the crescent piece.

That’s it! You can rock your egg-costume with a pair of light coloured bottoms. This also makes a perfect match with a bacon costume!