The 2023 Season of Fairs and Events Kicks Off with a Strong Focus on Student Learning

This article was posted by emoralesneyra on April 30th, 2023

Throughout April, four prominent events—Durham Farm Connections, Grown in Grey, Roots of Bruce, and the thinkAg Career Competition—kicked off this year’s season of fairs and events with a strong focus on student learning.

From April 3 to 6, Durham Farm Connections welcomed school groups to explore educational displays presented by numerous agricultural organizations. Egg Farmers of Ontario's (EFO) impressive egg education trailer was a standout attraction, allowing students to interact with the exhibit and learn about various aspects of egg farming.

Grown in Grey took place on April 18 and 19, and Roots of Bruce followed on April 20 and 21. These events also opened their doors to school groups, enabling them to engage with EFO’s education trailer, as well as other informative displays and activities presented by other agricultural organizations.

Notably, on April 19, EFO participated in the thinkAg Career Competition, which was hosted by AgScape in Norfolk County. This event aimed to test the employability and food knowledge of more than 400 grade 7 and 8 students. Throughout the day, students rotated through interactive stations facilitated by representatives from the agri-food industry. EFO's Education Program Coordinator, Emma Anifowse, and Josiah Mullet Koop from Zone 4 led and engaged students with an engaging presentation and interactive trivia game. Josiah shared insights into the diverse career opportunities associated with egg farming and answered students' questions with enthusiasm. The thinkAg Career Competition provided a unique platform for students to discover the wide array of paths available in the agri-food industry. It not only nurtured their passion for farming but also offered them valuable insights into potential career choices.

These events exemplify the commitment of the agricultural community to foster student learning and engagement in the farming sector. By providing hands-on experiences, educational displays, and interactive activities, students were able to develop a deeper understanding of the industry and its potential career opportunities. 

As the 2023 fairs and events season continues, more opportunities will arise for students to explore the world of agriculture and discover the exciting possibilities it holds.