Top 10 Tips for Easter Egg Decorating

With these egg decorating ideas you'll feel your inner artist come alive!
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Easter is around the corner once again and if you're looking to change up your usual preparations, we've got some ideas for you. These 10 tips are meant to fuel your egg decorating creativity. Here are some fun suggestions - you take it from here! Happy decorating!

Tip 1 - Blow out your eggs 

We recommend this first in the process because we're certain you'll be creating beautiful eggs that you'll want to keep for longer than just a few days! By blowing out the contents of your eggs, you can keep your beautiful creations for years to come. Not sure how to do it? Check out this super easy tutorial.

Make sure you keep the contents of your eggs for a delicious frittata or a fluffy chiffon cake. This Easter Paska is also a traditional favourite. You can cook up a tasty storm! Browse through our recipes for ideas.

Blown Easter Eggs


Tip 2 - Dye 'em with pantry items

This time of year it's not hard to come across egg dying kits at the stores, but using things you've already got in the pantry could save you a trip. All you need to do is mix three simple ingredients. For every 1 cup of warm water, add 1 tbsp of vinegar and as many drops of food colouring as you like (depending on the colour intensity you wish to acheive).

Beets, spinach, blueberries and turmeric can also deliver wonderful results. Detailed instructions are provided by our friends at Produce Made Simple.

home made easter egg dye DYI


Tip 3 - Use rubber bands

Before dipping your eggs into a dye, wrap some of them in rubber bands. They'll result in fun stripes that allow the original egg colour to shine through. It's an added visual layer to your colourful design.

easter egg decorating elasticsrubber bands easter eggs


Tip 4 - Disco eggs

Oh yes, we went all out with the glitter for these ones! You can get wacky with brightly coloured shades of glitter or use muted tones for a more elegant shine. Either way, they're plenty of fun to both make and look at!

Here's all it takes to make them. Mix equal parts liquid glue with water. Roll your egg around in the mixture until you've acheived full coverage. Over a separate plate, sprinkle glitter over the egg and allow to dry for a couple of hours.

disco glitter easter eggssparkly sparkle easter eggs


Tip 5 - Cover them in paper maché

This is especially great to do with blown eggs because a coat of hardened paper adds a layer of strength to the naturally fragile eggs.

Here's where it gets fun - use tissue paper! It conveniently comes in bright colours that often remind us of spring. Dip 1 inch pieces of tissue paper into a mixture of equal parts water and liquid glue. Paste the pieces onto the egg's shell and smooth over with a paintbrush or (if you're willing to get messy) your fingers. Allow to dry over night.

paper mache easter eggstissue paper egg decorating


Tip 6 - Tye dye eggs

If one colour on your eggs isn't enough we don't blame you! It's plenty of fun to dress your eggs in a rainbow of hues. Tye dye is a great way to do it. Pick your favourite dye colours from Tip 2 and using a spoon, gently pour them over each egg. Make sure to start with the lightest colours first and use darker ones as you go.

You can let the eggs dry between adding colours for more solid colour differentiation or you can pour them all on within minutes to swirl them into a colour gradient.

tye dye easter eggsmulticolor easter egg


Tip 7 - The simplicity of ribbons

Ribbons are a wonderful way to decorate your eggs when you're in a time crunch. But don't let that fool you - ribbon eggs still look stunning when completed! This is certainly an elegant touch to any Easter decor. In fact, you can tuck a name tag under each ribbon and use them as place cards around the Easter dining table.

ribbon easter eggsplace card easter eggs


Tip 8 - Stickers

This design is especially fun when you're decorating with very young children. You can use Easter themed stickers or any other ones you might have on hand. We experimented with textured stickers! It adds a 3D element to the shell of our Easter eggs.

stickers on easter eggs


Tip 9 - Hang them up as decoration

Whether it's in your window or on a festive Easter tree, thread your eggs and hang them up for the world to see!

hanging easter eggseaster egg tree


Tip 10 - Display them in a designer carton

Here's where you can really let your creativity soar. Think of your egg cartons as an empty canvas! Paint them in Easter colours or even recreate an entire spring scene. You can even fill the wells with Easter grass. You've worked this hard on these Easter eggs, it's time to put them on display!

designed painted easter egg cartons

So there you have it. Our favourite tips to design a gorgeous set of Easter eggs!

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