Egg Farmers of Ontario providing food from farm to bedside

This article was posted by sbrien@getcrac… on August 17th, 2017

Egg Farmers of Ontario is proud to be a part of a new local food initiative with the Halton Healthcare Oakville Trafalgar Hospital through their Good for You, Locally Grown program. In an effort to promote all the greatness that local food offers, the hospital has been offering several dishes, including egg sandwiches and omelettes, on patient menus that feature fresh Ontario eggs.

This initiative is just the one of the visible parts of their love of local food. The hospital’s Food Services team (led by Manager, Marianne Katusin) works to bring food from ‘farm to bedside,’ creating recipes and featuring menu items that use local ingredients. The result is tasty and nutritious meals that help patients heal while at the same time maximizing value from financial resources.

But it doesn’t stop there. With a $51,000 grant from the Greenbelt Fund (through the Government of Ontario’s Local Food Investment Fund), they are launching phase two of the Good for You, Locally Grown initiative where they will continue to craft delicious meals that heal and will also work to help patients identify local food choices so they can enjoy the benefits of local at home.