Fields to Forks Introduces Tonya Haverkamp, a Proud Female Farmer

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This article was posted by ewitek@getcrac… on August 24th, 2020

Fields to Forks provides farmers with an ongoing way to tell their stories. We’re thrilled to announce that Tonya Haverkamp, an EFO Board member and farmer from the Listowel region, has had the opportunity to share more about her farm and her experience as a woman in the industry.

She challenges the image of what a farmer is. “People picture my dad and he has the jeans, suspenders and ball cap on” but she’d like to encourage Ontario to believe that a farmer can be anybody. Tonya shares the unique abilities she, as a woman, brings to her work. Her natural tendency to look after others translates into the care she gives her hens which ultimately results in a delicious, healthy product for consumers in our province.

Tonya is proud to be an Ontario farmer and inspires her community to consider farming as a rewarding, viable career path. Hear more about what Tonya had to say in her interview: