6 Egg & Bean Recipes for National Bean Day on January 6th

This article was posted by emoralesneyra on December 20th, 2023

 Eggs and beans are affordable ingredients high in protein. Together, eggs and beans make for a powerful meal that can help you feel satisfied for longer while maintaining and building muscle mass. Celebrate National Bean Day on January 6th by trying one (or more!) of these egg and bean recipes. 

1. Za’atar Lentil Power Bowl

This Za’atar Lentil Power Bowl combines the refreshing taste of fresh vegetables with the comfy texture of lentils and eggs, loaded with both nutrients and protein.


Za'atar Lentil Power Bowl

2. BLT Power Bowl

For those who love classic BLT flavours, this BLT Power Bowl includes beans, eggs, and the delicious elements of a BLT sandwich in an energy-boosting, quick and easy meal. 


BLT Power Bowl

3. Cheesy Mac & Beans

With creamy cheese, pasta, beans, and eggs, this Cheesy Mac & Beans recipe by Chef Raquel Fox offers a comforting meal with a healthy, protein-packed twist! 


Cheesy Mac N Beans

4. Breakfast Burrito

This burrito is a breakfast staple that merges the goodness of beans and eggs wrapped in a tortilla. It's a filling and delicious late-morning meal. 


Breakfast Burrito

5. Bean & Rice Pilau with Smoked Ham & Eggs

This Bean & Rice Pilau with Smoked Ham & Eggs by Chef Raquel Fox is a satisfying dish perfect for any time of day.


Bean and Rice Pilau

6. Mexican Fiesta Omelette

Spice up your breakfast with this Mexican Fiesta Omelette. This omelette brings new, vibrant flavours to your morning meal.


Mexican Fiesta Omelette