“Real” Gets cracking in Ontario

Real farmers. Real eggs. Answering consumers’ vital questions.
This article was posted by ewitek@getcrac… on May 4th, 2020

Real is the clear, simple messaging for a new integrated consumer communications strategy by Egg Farmers of Ontario (EFO) launching across the province in May. 
Real farmers. Real eggs. gives honest and direct  answers to egg consumers. The farmers are real. The eggs are real. In a world where consumers are bombarded with fake foods - they want real - especially when it comes to nature's most perfect food: eggs!    
Real farmers. Real eggs. is a way for Ontario egg farmers themselves to talk about questions that consumers want answered. It will work in tandem with Get Cracking, egg farmers’ established call-to-enjoy that rings warmly in the ears of generations of Ontario egg lovers.
The Real campaign involved months of extensive consumer research and creative development to create a new platform to tell egg farming stories in this new decade. 
 “Talking to consumers across the province, we found the issues egg consumers want to understand continues to change,” said Scott Helps, EFO Chair and Lambton County egg farmer. “Our campaigns were among the first to put farmers front and centre.  That strength will continue but our new messaging will clearly speak to egg lovers’ changing questions and keep pace with emerging needs.”

Two new egg farming families will be featured in the 2020 Real farmers. Real eggs. campaign. Those families are Colin and Nicole Vyn, of Ridgetown and Ian and Sara Laver, of Warkworth. These young farm families continue the tradition joining the dozens of real Ontario egg farmers whose stories have reached out to egg lovers over the years. You can meet these farm families and hear them telling their own stories in videos at https://www.getcracking.ca/our-farmers/meet-the-farmers.

The look and feel of the ads within Real farmers. Real eggs. features photography in a selfie-style, familiar to social media posts. “Our egg farmers can be felt speaking directly to consumers with their personal stories and the connections they will share,” said Bill Mitchell, EFO’s Director of Public Affairs. “We see a lot of flexibility in speaking to current and developing egg issues and we can highlight our authentic stories behind real care, real quality, real local and more.”

The reach of the campaign will feature two periods of extensive exposure on Ontario transit systems: GO trains, TTC buses and a number of transit systems across the province, as well as on billboards in urban areas. The look, feeling and messaging of the Real campaign will extend across all elements of EFO's integrated marketing activities including print media, video and rapidly expanding social media and paid online marketing elements.
Check out our Real launch video at: https://youtu.be/kM7XOcp1B8I
Watch for Real farmers. Real eggs. Connecting with egg lovers across Ontario.