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3 Flavourful Frittatas

Frittatas are a budget-friendly meal and so easy to make, check out these delicious recipes.

healthy comfort foods

3 Good For You Comfort Foods

Here are 3 good for you, soul warming egg recipes to satisfy your cravings.

quick power bowls

3 Quick & Easy Power Bowls

Craving a healthy meal but don't have a lot of time? Try these quick and easy Power Bowl recipes.

Appies Make Me Happy

Appies make everyone happy! Enjoy three egg-based appetisers including Devilled Eggs, Curried Egg & Bacon Dip and Creamy Egg & Smoked Salmon Pouches.

Brunch Beauties

Try these three eggs-ceptionally easy brunch ideas including Crispy Breakfast Quesadilla, a Easy Festive Brunch Bake and Canadiana Eggs Benedict!

Cooking 101: Getting Started in the Kitchen

One of the best ways to eat well and save money is to learn to cook. This resource provides basic cooking tips for those getting started in the kitchen.

Cooking 101: Making Fresh Food

Cooking doesn't have to be difficult. Make fresh food with fresh food using this resource.

Cooking 101: Recipes Using Local Food

This resource highlights the ways using local food makes fast, easy meals for those just getting started in the kitchen.

Cooking 101: Spring 2019

This resource is filled with delicious recipes using Ontario eggs and other local ingredients.

Eggs Simply Perfect

Eggs are a simply perfect food. Poached, scrambled or fried - find your favourite way of preparing them with this resource.