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Have you ever wanted to meal plan but don’t know where to start? This resource provides tips to improve family nutrition, decrease stress and get you on the right path to meal planning!

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Healthy eating and meal planning can  seem overwhelming. So that’s why, with expert help, we've developed a resource that covers all your meal planning needs. You'll get tips on how to plan meals ahead of time while making healthier, budget-friendly choices. Meal Plan Like a Pro is also packed with templates to help organize your meal planning while keeping your pantry and freezer well-stocked!

The best part? We worked with a Registered Dietitian to pack this resource with tips and tricks to turn boring meals into a healthy habit!


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What You'll Find Inside

This free resource is so much more than just a meal planner.
Enrich your meal planning with tips to help you make your meals with a plan. Below is a sneak peek of the how-to guides that will help you put these great ideas into practice. Or, if you just want to get right into it, download the resource for free here!


10 Ways to Save on Groceries and Still Eat Healthy

Sticking to a budget in the grocery store doesn’t mean scrimping on nutrition. Our guide offers 10 easy ways to save and eat healthy.


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Top 10 15-Minute Meals from Kitchen Basics

Meal planning shouldn’t mean more time in the kitchen. That’s why we have 10 simple but nutritious recipe ideas using ingredients you already have in your kitchen.

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15 Fun and Unique Meal Themes

Looking for fun ideas to spice up your meals? This free resource has you covered! From making your own fiesta to fish Fridays, you are sure to find something to suit your tastes. 

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Ready to get started? Jump to our four handy templates below. Organize your grocery list, sort out everything that's in your freezer, stock your kitchen like a pro and plan your meals  for the week! 

(Tip: Laminate your meal planner and use a dry erase marker to write in your meal plan. This will save printing a new one each week.) 

Happy planning!



Go to the grocery store with purpose, stick to your list, save money and decrease food waste. With a list, trips become faster and you buy only what you need. Fact: University of Pennsylvania research shows people who can avoid impulse spending can save up to 23% on their grocery bills!

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When was the last time you did a freezer inventory? Probably not recently! Without a doubt, there is food lurking in the back corners that has become freezer burnt and sadly ready for the garbage. You should do a freezer inventory every six months to stay on top of what goes in and out of your freezer.

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Having a well-stocked kitchen helps busy people whip together meals without a
trip to the grocery store. This leads to less stress while enjoying more home-cooked
meals. When you always have certain items available, making simple meals is
easy. Bread in the freezer and eggs in the fridge make a quick 10-minute fried
egg sandwich. Now that’s faster than take-out!

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Have you ever noticed how a little time spent can reap BIG benefits later? Meal preparation (or 'meal prep') is the action of preparing foods or components of meals in advance. This includes tasks like cutting vegetables, cooking rice and preparing proteins in advance. Creating a meal plan for the week eliminates the hassle of figuring out what to cook each day. Quit wasting time and plan ahead!

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