5 Eggs-citing Family Day Activities to Do with the Kids

It’s family day weekend and everyone is at home together! Keep the kids active and engaged with some fun activities that are perfect to do as a family. You might even learn a new thing or two!

1. Egg Boat Challenge

This craft will get your crew into ship shape and it’s a wonderful way to bring new life to your old egg cartons. It also provides opportunities for exploration and creative play for the kids. There are two criteria for the egg carton boat; it needs to float and be powered by wind! If you have these two factors, you’re ready to set sail!

2. Can you make an egg float?

This amazing eggs-periment will have the kids rolling up their sleeves and ready to conduct their own research. Let your kids formulate their  hypothesis about what will happen and see who is right!

The Science

When you dissolve salt in water, you increase the water’s density. With enough salt in a glass, you can make water denser than an egg, causing the egg to float. 

3. Can you remove the shell of an egg without cracking it?

Here is another fun activity for all the future egg scientists to try! Have your little researcher cause a chemical reaction with only an egg, a glass, vinegar and of course their investigative minds!!

The Science

When an egg is submerged in vinegar, which is an acid,  it dissolves the calcium in the eggshell. The skin (called the membrane) under the shell does not react to the vinegar and is left to hold the contents of the egg together.

4. Can you make an egg bounce?

What do eggs and basketballs have in common? They can both bounce! Check out this fun and simple egg science activity that will have you and your children examining gravity! To get started, all you need is a glass, water, vinegar and an egg!

The Science

Soaking the egg in water without the shell causes the egg to expand due to osmosis; there is a greater concentration of water on the outside of the egg membrane so the water moves into the egg. The water stretches the membrane, making the egg “bouncy”.

5. Carton Critters

If you’re looking for a fun activity to enjoy with the kids, make some carton critters! They’re easy to make and can be simple or detailed – it’s up to you! Plus, they’re a great opportunity to get some creativity flowing while making your favourite animals.