Can You Remove the Shell Without Cracking it?

Crack an egg shell

Here is another fun activity for all the future egg scientists to try! Havet your little scientists to cause a chemical reaction with only  an egg, a glass, vinegar and of course their science hats!  

kid in science class

How to: 
1.    Place an egg into a glass. 
2.    Add enough vinegar to the glass to cover the egg. 
3.    Let the egg sit in the glass for a day or two.
4.    Using a spoon, carefully lift the egg out of the glass. 
5.    Rinse the egg under some water while gently rubbing the shell with your fingers. If the shell doesn’t come off completely, place the egg back in the vinegar and leave it for two to three more days until the shell can be removed completely.

Crack an egg shell

Result: Egg shells contain calcium which makes them hard. Vinegar is an acid which dissolves the calcium in the eggshell. The skin or membrane under the shell does not react to the vinegar and is left to hold the egg together.
Looking for a second eggs-periment to try with your shell-less egg? Try making it bounce!