Egg Carton Christmas Crafts

Let’s have some fun this Christmas! If you’re spending time at home, chances are you and the kids might be in the mood for some crafts. Egg cartons are the answer! Their rounded tops make it easy to stack them into characters or various other shapes of your liking. The possibilities are endless.

 Are you ready to make some festive characters? We came up with a few of our own, holly jolly holiday figures. You can make them the way we did or get even more creative with candy canes, wreaths or Santa and Mrs. Claus. Ask your kids what their favourite holiday characters are and see if you can come up with a way to create them out of an egg carton! Here are some we think are tree-mendous!

Here’s what we put together to create a happy snowman.

Christmas crafts

You can leave three wells of the egg carton combined and simply paint them white. We got imaginative with our snowman’s accessories. The scarf is a piece of cut scrap material and the earmuffs are made by gluing beads onto a piece of egg carton cut to shape. We also cut eyes and a carrot nose out of the egg carton. We used real buttons for his torso and drew on a smile with marker!

Here is everything you need to create a reindeer:

Holiday crafts

This one is very simple to do for younger children with adult supervision (and some cutting help with the antlers). Get your brown paint out for the reindeer’s body and antlers. Our reindeer is a classic Rudolph with a big red nose that we know you will deerly love. How simple! All parts of this character were cut out of the egg carton. If you want to do even less cutting, use googly eyes and bent pipe cleaners for the antlers!

A Christmas tree can easily be assembled like so:

Christmas tree craft

We’ve cut out three separate carton wells in order to stack them into a Christmas tree! Paint them your favourite shade of green to really “spruce” up your holiday décor! We went ornament-crazy with various sizes and colours. For the tree topper, we cut out a star shape from the egg carton and covered it in glitter glue. If you have a star sticker on hand, feel free to use that instead. We pierced a small hole in each carton well and slid the star’s toothpick through the layers. We glued on our ornaments and voila.

That’s all it takes!

christmas crafts

Fun tip: Loop through some thread through your creations so that you can hang them up on the Christmas tree or in your windows.

Add some fun craft items or use whatever scrap materials you have on hand to attach fun additions to your characters. For example, try adding some fuzzy material for your reindeer, sparkly stickers for your tree or miniature hats for your snowman.

What fun holiday themed decorations will you make? Maybe a candy cane like Meaningful Mama or Santa Claus and his elf helper like The Best Ideas for Kids. We really loved seeing these beautiful egg carton wreaths by Three Rs Crafts, Thrify Fun and Michele Made Me. Get as creative as you can! Whatever it is that you choose to make, we would love to see it. Display your art and tag us in your creations! You can find us on social media here:

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