Egg and Soda

Eggs and Soda

Put your observation skills to the test!

If you’re looking for a fun activity to help hone kid’s observational skills, try this egg and soda eggs-periment!

Eggs and Soda

Bonus – you can also highlight the value of healthy oral hygiene!

How to: 
1.    Fill a glass with cola.
2.    Place raw egg into the glass.
3.    Soak the egg in the glass filled with cola for 1 hour. 
4.    Check on the egg every 15 minutes, have the children write down any observations they have about the egg. Have them include as many details as possible.
5.    After 1 hour, remove the egg from the soda.
6.    What happened to the egg? What happens when you use a tooth brush and tooth paste and brush the egg?  Are there any similarities between the egg and your teeth? 

Result: The egg becomes stained with cola and can be removed by the toothpaste. 

*You could add in an extension activity to this, where you get kids to leave the egg in cola for 24 hours. They could hypothesize based on what they think might happen (based on what happened after an hour).