5 crafts to try this summer

Summer days are finally upon us! The kids are likely home and looking for something fun to do. This is where you step in with your 5 wonderful craft ideas to keep the family occupied. What's even better is that these crafts tend to turn out beautifully and can be used as decor in the kids' rooms, the play room or anywhere throughout the house! They also make wonderful heart-felt, home-made gifts.

1. Carton critters


egg carton crafts

Idea number one allows you to get super creative when it comes to re-creating your favourite animals in miniature form. They're a great way to repurpose used egg cartons and don't require much other than glue and paint! We've made a lion, a mouse and a bird but let your imagination soar with other animal ideas. To get started, check out these easy instructions.

2. Caterpillar and his food


caterpillar craft

Did you grow up with The Hungry Caterpillar as a classic storybook in your home? This idea, based on the beloved story is fun for those who are familiar with the book as well as those who have never read it before. This cute caterpillar is made out of a repurposed egg carton and features various tasty treats for him to eat. You can make the foods he ate in the storybook or get creative with your own tasty snacks! Here's how to do it.

3. Bouquet on a canvas


egg carton flowers

What a lovely gift to give a loved one - a bouquet of flowers that won't wither! This craft is extremely simple and extremely fun. Make flowers out of egg carton cups for a three dimensional painting of flowers on a canvas. Make them as colourful as you like! If you're featuring them in a room in your home, you can even choose a colour palette that will suit your decor! Instructions here.

4. Egg shell mosaic


mosaic craft for kids

Now there's an idea! Use painted egg shells to arrange a stunning mosaic on a canvas of your choosing. Whether it's a beautiful still-life image that you're going for or something more abstract, colourful egg shells are a great way to make use of something you might have otherwise thrown away. Upcycle your egg shells!

5. Mobile


DIY mobile

A mobile is all the more beautiful when shaded in an ombré gradient of your favourite colour. String through some thread or fishing line through your egg carton cups to create a lovely hanging piece of art. Whether for your little one or to spice up a room, you can customize the colours to tickle your fancy! Details on how it's done here.