Food Network stars are here to help!

Nov 18, 2016

Whether you like it or not, Christmas is coming. The season of holiday parties, family dinners, cookie exchanges and eating until you sleep, only to wake up to eat some more. Chances are over the nex…

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Eggs 101: Back to the basics

Oct 31, 2016

Eggs are a staple food in many households across Canada, but do you really know what the writing on the carton means? We’re going to take it back to basics and explain some of the labels on an egg ca…

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Frittata 101 - An easy guide to frittatas!

Oct 3, 2016

Healthy and easy-to-make frittatas are like crustless quiches loaded with tasty fillings! Once you master the basic three-step method of cooking them, you can use any combination of fillings you have…

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10 Back to school lunch ideas using hard-cooked eg ...

Aug 30, 2016

Back to school is hard. Not only do you have to get your own life in order before the bus comes, but you also have the make sure the kids’ homework is done, they’re up, dressed and been fed  breakfast…

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A Dozen Reasons to Eat Eggs (and not feel guilty a ...

Aug 11, 2015

Improves Concentration Good nutrition affects a child’s ability to learn. Research* has shown that eating a well-balanced breakfast can improve a child’s: concentration level and attention span m…

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5 tips for making crepes

May 5, 2014

I’m always on the lookout for ways to work smarter, not longer, while still eating right.  It’s one of the reasons I love eggs. I can make a quick, healthy meal I know everyone will love in half an ho…

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5 Reason to LOVE crêpes

Mar 17, 2014

This weekend while shopping for a stock pot, I also came home with a crêpe pan.  Busy with my head down, serious about comparing stock pots, my daughter wandered down the store aisle and holding up a …

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Do you know how much fat is in an egg?

Mar 12, 2014

Eggs are highly nutritious offering 14 essential nutrients including an excellent source of hunger-curbing protein and a moderate amount of fat. The fat in an egg is found in the yolk. There are 5 gra…

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Yolk or no yolk? Get the whole egg nutrition story

Feb 24, 2014

Egg whites and egg yolks offer different nutrients, so to get the full 14 nutrient package, it’s best to eat the whole egg. Just how does the nutrition profile of egg whites and egg yolks vary?  Take …

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