Egg Farmer Scott shows how to make an omelette

Oct 26, 2010

I'd like to introduce you to Scott Graham. He's an egg farmer in St. Marys, Ontario. He's also one of the eight farmers in our Who Made Your Eggs Today? campaign, and one of the faces on billboards a…

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Dutch Pancakes (Crepes)

Oct 13, 2010

Dutch Pancakes William and Diana Schenk's family loves Dutch Pancakes! The recipe for these thin crepe-like pancakes was handed down by William's mom. "She used to love making them for her grand…

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How to make a layered salad

Oct 7, 2010

It's fall. In Ontario, fall means cooler weather. Cooler weather means it's time to think about layering. Layering the clothes we wear. Layering the blankets on our beds. Why not layering our salad??…

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The perfect BBQ recipe - Try this new Egg Burger

Sep 26, 2010

Since I mentioned it in my post a few days ago, here's how to make an egg burger. The one in the picture is more like an egg muffin since the fried egg was tucked into an English muffin. Make it as yo…

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How to separate egg whites and yolks

Sep 10, 2010

When a recipe calls for the eggs to be separated, it means they should be cracked open and the whites should be separated from the yolks. You can do this a few ways: Seperate an egg using the shell h…

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Pasta Carbonara - easy and delicious!

Jul 7, 2010

  Anything that contains eggs, Parmesan, fresh herbs, butter, whipping cream and bacon has got more than enough good things going for it that pretty well guarantee its success as a winning combina…

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Looking for something more adventurous? Try this S ...

Jun 23, 2010

Image from Here's another recipe for eggs poached in tomato sauce (see eggs in pergutory posted earlier this week). Shakshuka is the Israeli version of this flavourful dish. In…

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A protein rich breakfast can help to manage hunger ...

Jun 3, 2010

It's no secret we have an obesity problem in North America. But did you know that nearly one in three American children are overweight or obese? Sadly, at one in four in Canada, the situation here …

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The Scrambled Egg Sandwich: Perfect for Leftovers

May 26, 2010

So - what if you one day you misjudged how hungry you were, and after eating breakfast, or breakfast-for-dinner, you were faced with a little mountain of leftover scrambled eggs. Okay, this probably …

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