Penne with Broccoli and Tomatoes

Jan 23, 2010

At only 8 g fat per serving, this pasta dish gets a nutritional boost from eggs and veggies! Penne with Broccoli and Tomatoes Makes 4 servings Ingredients: 3 cups (750 mL) uncooked penne pasta …

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Fried egg sandwich - Just Like Mom Used to Make

Jan 20, 2010

Ever get a craving for a fried egg sandwich? I often do - and it's not just because I work for Egg Farmers of Ontario!! :) A fried egg sandwich just tastes really good, and there's something about …

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White Sauce for Waffles

Jan 2, 2010

White Sauce for waffles   My husband grew up eating homemade waffles served with a custard sauce he called White Sauce. Lucky for him, we received a waffle maker as a wedding gift, and early on in…

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Chocolate Almond Macaroon Recipe

Dec 21, 2009

If you like coconut - and better yet, chocolate-dipped coconut - these are the cookies for you! The leftover egg yolks can be stored in the fridge, covered, for a couple days. Add them to whole eggs t…

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Fancy French Toast - the Perfect Way to Impress Gu ...

Dec 12, 2009

Want to know how restaurants make French toast? Chef John Mitzewich (blogger for's American Food and Foodwishes, a video recipe blog) has shared a restaurant-style recipe and video for Fancy…

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Today is World Egg Day! How are you celebrating?

Oct 9, 2009

Today is World Egg Day.  This annual event is a day for celebrating all things eggs and for considering the great reasons to eat eggs! Although we don't make a huge deal of World Egg Day here in Onta…

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Your keyboard may be dangerous to your health?

Sep 17, 2009

(Should I confess that I'm eating an egg salad sandwich at my desk while writing this? Probably not a good idea, so I'll just keep that to myself!) So! When's the last time you cleaned your computer k…

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A dry day is best for baking meringue

Jul 17, 2009

These giant meringues caught my eye as I walked past a bakery in Strasbourg, France while on vacation recently. There was no time to duck in and purchase one - just time enough to snap a quick pic t…

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How to make perfect scrambled eggs

Jul 11, 2009

  In informal polls we occasionally conduct, scrambled eggs rank high as a favourite way to eat eggs. Add to that the strong affinity people have for the way they personally like to cook or eat scr…

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