What makes an egg organic?

This article was posted by Anonymous (not verified) on November 17th, 2010

These days, buying eggs can feel like a daunting task! In most stores, you'll be greeted with lots of options at the egg case.

Which eggs to choose??

To help lessen the pressure when deciding which type of eggs will be the best choice for you or your family, begin your decision making by knowing that every egg is a good choice. The differences between the eggs are in housing systems for the hens, the type of feed the hens eat, egg shell colour, and the nutritional value of the eggs.

Brown or white eggs? Just two of the many choices when buying eggs.Organic eggs are one of the many options available.

Luke and Sandra Van Aert of Watford, Ontario are organic egg farmers.

They are also one of the eight farm families featured in Egg Farmers of Ontario's Who Made Your Eggs Today? campaign.

Click on the link to see some video where the Van Aerts explain what makes an egg organic.

Choices, choices! Want more information about the types of eggs you'll find at the egg case? Check out our guide to choosing eggs.