Discover your new favourite egg recipes

No matter your background, one tradition many families have this time of year is decorating Easter eggs! This year we ecided to try sometyhing new. We wanted to get a group of children together from all different backgrounds to decorate eggs, and ask some egg farming q…

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Get the kids together for some Easter egg decorating!

No matter your background, one tradition many fami

By Carol Harrison, RD, ​  Have you noticed that when you eat eggs for breakfast, you’re less likely to feel hungry before lunchtime? I’ve done some digging into the research, and the results may inspire you to get cracking with eggs more oft…

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How eating eggs at breakfast helps with weight control

By Carol Harrison, RD, ​http://www.Yummylunchclub.

By Shannon Crocker, MSc, RD, How can you get long-lasting energy in the morning? Eat eggs for breakfast! One of my favourite breakfasts is rustic whole grain toast topped with arugula, avocado and poached eggs. Not only is it super tasty, but it …

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Does your breakfast have enough protein?

By Shannon Crocker, MSc, RD,