5 Easy Week-Night Dinners with Eggs

Dinner is made quick and nutritious when you include eggs! Although they may not come to mind as a dinner food, eggs make an ultra-healthy, delicious, affordable meal, and are quick enough that your kids can still make it to hockey practice! There are plenty of filling, dinner-worthy recipes that are made with eggs in a jiff.

It can take less time to get Veggie & Egg Fried Rice (made with leftover rice and frozen vegetables) on the table than it does to pick up take out. But the convenience is just one part of it. We love to include eggs in our dinner thanks to their affordability! A yummy dinner like this will cost you just a fraction of the price of take-out and your kids will love it.

bowl of veggie and egg fried rice

Another deliciously easy dinner with eggs is the Italian classic, Chicken Parmesan! It’s a tasty choice, sure to be loved even by picky eaters. It’ protein packed which makes it a wonderful way to refuel for further activities. Add some greens on the side and dinner is done.

a plate with chicken parmesan and a side salad

It’s super easy (and fun!) to assemble the Monte Cristo One-Pan Bake – the kids can join in! This recipe combines the sweet flavours of French toast with a savoury flair. A winning combination! Slice up a baguette, layer it with mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, ham and shredded cheese. Pour over an egg and milk mixture then bake. Once it’s done, dust the top with powdered sugar. This dish will be a favourite in your family!

Dish with monte cristo one pan bake recipe

A quiche is both beautiful and mouth-watering. A delightful dish for the inventive mind! You can get creative with what you put in a quiche! Use your favourite veggies, meats, cheeses and herbs for a flavour that you and your family will love. One of our top picks is the Chicken Caprese Quiche that only requires 15 minutes of prep. Pop it in the oven while you continue with your busy evening and have it ready in time for dinner!

chicken caprese quiche

There’s something about the taste of fresh pasta that’s absolutely unbeatable against store-bought. The traditional tastes of this meal shine through to make it a sure crowd pleaser. If you’re in the mood for a dinner that’s truly from scratch, you’ll love this Fresh Pasta in Tomato Sauce with Basil and Parmesan. The best part? Fresh pasta doesn’t take all day to make! You can have this recipe done from start to finish in only 40 minutes.

fresh pasta in tomato sauce with basil

Because eggs are so versatile, they can be used in a different recipe each night. Above are 5 separate weeknight dinners that, although all made with eggs, are completely different dishes! You won’t be bored when you cook with delicious Ontario eggs.

So, try something new for dinner tonight. You’ll be surprised how quick and delicious your meal can be! Show the family that you have time to keep up with a busy and active lifestyle while eating right. When the kids ask, “what’s for dinner tonight?” you can proudly say “eggs, of course!”