5 Fancy Sandwiches Worth the Effort

If you're tired of the same old boring sandwiches, it's time to elevate your lunch game with these fancy and delicious sandwich recipes that are definitely worth the effort.

5 Fancy Sandwiches Worth the Effort

1. Croque Madame

A decadent sandwich originating in France, topped with a fried egg – c’est délicieux!

Croque Madame


2. Easy Western Bagel

Whip up this tasty Easy Western Bagel – a great source of protein – before heading to school or work, and you’ll be prepared for whatever your day brings!

Easy Western Bagel


3. Pizza Stuffed French Toast

Each bite will treat you to the gooey taste of pizza in a sandwich. The egg and cheese mixture adds a burst of flavour, elevating this delicious new lunch or dinner option.

Pizza Stuffed French Toast


4. Foodtruck Breakfast Waffles

Enjoy a classic Canadian breakfast of eggs, bacon, maple syrup, and waffles—it's absolutely delicious!

Foodtruck Breakfast Waffles


5. Egg & Mushroom Tartine

Don’t be intimidated by this easy-to-make dish's fancy name. Simply put, tartine means an open-faced sandwich. This Egg and Mushroom Tartine combines wonderful textures and flavours—umami-rich mushrooms, salty whipped feta, and soft egg yolk—all on a piece of toasted bread.

Egg & Mushroom Tartine