Easy Thanksgiving Meal Ideas

Thanksgiving; the time of year shared with family, where you can eat your weight in turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce and not even feel bad about it.

But why does turkey have to get all of the attention?

However you may be celebrating Thanksgiving this year - whether in a small bunch or an even smaller few, we have some delicious Thanksgiving weekend recipes that give you a break from the bird, (or not… it's up to you!)

1. These Pear and Brie French Toasts are one of our app-solute favourites!
Brie french toast

Before digging into dinner, you might want to set out some hors d'oeuvres that will impress. These little Pear and Brie French Toasts are not only mouth-watering, they're show stoppers.

2. Setting out a stunning platter? Pair your pre-dinner snack with Curried Egg and Bacon Dip.

egg dip

This is our favourite dip ever! Why? Because it goes great with veggies, crackers and with various cheeses and deli meats. It's the perfect best friend for any amuse-bouche.

3. Like any excuse to eat eggs and bacon? You'll love this Bacon 'n' Egg Lasagna.

white sauce lasagna

We love a classic lasagna, don't get us wrong - but putting a spin on it keeps things fun! The creamy, and cheesy sauce is extra indulgent!

4. And if you really can’t resist… just make a Classic Yorkshire Pudding to go with dinner!

yorkshire pudding recipe

It'll be hard for your guests to pass up this classic! Yorkshire Puddings are a nostalgic treat for many. Serve them with gravy or even a yogurt-chive filling.

5. Family Brunch? This Pumpkin Bread is a knockout!
pumpkin bread loaf

This delicious loaf has a delicious streak of cream cheese filling in the middle. Absolutely scrumptious. It's a nice way to finish off a Thanksgiving dinner.

6. It's fall, apples are in season. But dessert? That's always in season! Give these Apple Coffee Cake a try.

apple coffee cake

Serving coffee and tea at any point? Your guests will be thrilled to see this cake come out as an accompaniment! And yes, that is a buttery, brown sugar topping.

7. If there's leftover turkey - toss it in some Mini Frittatas

mini frittatas

Once it's all over, you might be left with quite a bit of turkey on your hands. If you're looking for ways to use it up, these Mini Frittatas (or any sized frittata for that matter!) are a great option.