Meal plan, like a boss!

Whether you’re hosting a family get together, a long weekend barbeque or even just a themed party night, the one thing everyone loves to plan is the food!

But planning themed food for a group can be hard, so we want to help make it easier.

We are happy to provide tools on our website that can take a few jobs off your plate. See what we did there? ☺

Get Cracking Tools for Meal Planning

Meal Planner

The first tool is our meal planner. With this tool you are able to find and add recipes to your meal plan with a few simple clicks.

You can use this to plan one meal with different options (check out our Cinco de Mayo meal plan), or even do a full weekly meal plan (see here). When you access your meal plan you get a high level glance at the menu, but also have the option to revisit recipes so you don’t have to remember how to make them!

Once you’ve found a recipe, simply click “Add to Meal Plan” and select the day of the week and meal you want it for. That’s all! When you access your meal plan, you will see all of the recipes that you have added, which will link you back to the recipes if you need them. How easy is that?

Grocery list

Knowing what you want to make is great, but in order to be fully prepped, you need to make sure you have all the ingredients for the recipe. Don’t worry, there’s an app for that!

When looking at a recipe, just click “Add to Grocery List” and all of the ingredients will be added to your own personal grocery list.

By clicking on “Grocery List” at the top of the page, you can go back and remove anything that you may already have on hand. Once you’ve reviewed your list and you’re ready to shop, just click, print and go!


Hosting get-togethers is hard enough; let us help with our meal planner and grocery list tools!