8 Delicious Strawberry Recipes to Celebrate National Strawberry Day!

We love strawberries and we sure love eggs! Eggs + strawberries = endless possibilities to satisfy your sweet tooth! National Strawberry Day is this February 27th and we are going to be celebrating seven different ways. Will you join us? Scroll through our tasty recipes and make your favourite ones! 

Strawberry Soufflé

strawberry souffle
Let’s start off on the fancy side with this elegant Strawberry Soufflé. Although a treat like this may look a little intimidating, it’s actually fairly easy to make. Our recipe page has a video to help you with all the steps, so give it a try. This tasty treat is light as air. You’ll want to make it over and over again! 

French Toast with Cheese

french toast sandwich
Is your mouth watering the way ours is? Wow, what a fun spin on classic french toast! This is a strawberry jam and cream cheese sandwich enveloped in the classic breakfast we all  know and love. This is a delicious option for a lazy Saturday (and National Strawberry Day happily falls on one)!

Strawberry Banana French Toast

Strawberry banana french toast
Want even more french toast inspiration? Let’s try using fresh strawberries and bananas! What’s even better is that you’re getting a serving of fruit in the morning while indulging in a delicious dish. Add powdered sugar for a snowy look with a little extra sweetness. This recipe is great for celebrating National Strawberry Day but you can change the filling to celebrate any other food days you like! Apple Day? Blueberry Day? Maybe even Chocolate Day?

Strawberry Pavlova

strawberry pavlova
Want to know what a cloud tastes like? We suspect this is pretty close! It doesn’t take much to enjoy this beautiful and tasty dessert. Make a delicious meringue base, fill it with whipped cream and top it with none other than the delicious little fruits we’re celebrating! This is a perfect treat if you’re looking for something light to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Strawberry Rhubarb Spice Cake

strawberry rhubarb cake
It’s no secret that strawberries and rhubarb are a great pair but have you tried them on a spice cake? You’ll have the aroma of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg swirling in your kitchen. This recipe gives you a tangy touch of sourness along with sugar and spice… and it’s everything nice! 

French Toast Kebabs

sweet kebabs
We’re changing up the traditional savoury kebab. Who says kebabs can’t be sweet anyway? We love ours to have strawberries, banana slices and French toast! It’s heaven on a stick. Grab a dipping bowl and fill it with yogurt. Whether you choose a plain vanilla flavour or berry, it’ll pair beautifully with these kebabs.

Easy Sweet Crepes

strawberry chocolate crepes
Yummy – what a classic combination. Strawberries, chocolate and whipped cream! Deliciously wrapped in a crepe exterior, this strawberry recipe will be one that you’ll want to repeat every morning!

Strawberry Shortcake Jelly Roll

strawberry jelly roll 
Last but certainly not least is this delicious roll of strawberry goodness. What’s better than strawberries and whipped cream rolled up in a soft and pillowy cake roll? What’s even better is that you can quickly whip up this treat as soon as you start to crave it. It’s ready in 30 minutes (including prep time)!

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