A Dozen Ways to Celebrate World Egg Day!

World Egg Day is October 11th, and we want to help you celebrate in the most eggs-citing way we know! So we prepared a dozen ways for you to celebrate the nutritional powerhouse we love to love!

  1. Check out this feel good story of how much egg farmers love what they do!

  2. Fall even more in love with eggs by making this Pumpkin Bread!

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  4. Get crafty with your kids!

  5. Try your hand at an eggs-periment!

  6. Test your friend’s knowledge with some egg trivia!

  7. Start an indoor winter garden.

  8. Why not try making another recipe with the left over eggs?

  9. Have all your egg questions answered!

  10. Take a trip around the world with this egg recipe!

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  12. Then share your favourite egg recipes with us!