Simple ways to stay in eggs-cellent health this holiday season

We all know what is coming – one holiday party after another with tables full of all your favourite treats. It’s easy to make excuses as to why you should enjoy each and every one of them, but is it really worth it?

January comes quickly and thought the idea of living in stretchy pants may sound enticing, no one wants to throw away all the hard work they’ve put in for the 11 other months of the year. So some pre-holiday planning is the key to tackling that holiday buffet table. We’ve got some tips and tricks that can help.

1. Eat light snacks throughout the day

Often when we know a big event is ahead of us, we “save” eating during the day so we can indulge more later on. This can work against us in multiple ways, but what usually ends up happening is we eat more than we should when that time does come. A simple lunch, like our Ham and Cheese Wrap, or a mid-day snack of two hard-cooked eggs and some veggie sticks will keep you feeling satisfied so you don’t overdo it on cookies and cakes.

2. Help with the meal prep

Offer to lend a hand in the festive meal preparation – the host will appreciate the help and you will have at least one healthy dish you can fill your plate with. Try our Potato, Egg and Green Bean Salad, which practically a complete meal in a bowl. Finish off your plate with some fruit or veggie sticks and you will fill up on the good stuff. Plus, the protein in the eggs leave you feeling fuller, making sure you don’t overdo it on the desserts!

3. It's all about balance

Treat yourself to the things you really enjoy, but know when to stop. If you want a cookie, you eat that cookie! But try to balance it out some healthy options. These Zucchini Feta Triangles or Classic Devilled Eggs should help! Remember, it’s all about balance.

These simple tips will help you enjoy every festive moment, but with some simple planning, you can gain control of your holiday eating.