Invite your kids to a backyard picnic with a floral theme – by making Egg Flowers. How does your garden grow? Very well when the flower petals are made from slices of hard-cooked and peeled eggs!


Use an egg slicer to cut the hard-cooked eggs into even slices quickly and easily.

Place the slices on a plate or platter in a circle to form flowers.

Add sliced cucumber to create additional flower petals. Use string cheese, sprouts, cucumber, cherry tomatoes or sweet peppers and veggie dip or hummus as the centre of the flowers.

Add celery sticks for the flower stems and green peppers and broccoli for the leaves. At the base of the flowers, place a dollop of your child’s favourite dip or hummus and sprinkle with sprouts to resemble grass.

Brought to you by: Egg Farmers of Ontario