3 Awesome After School Snack Ideas that Kids Will Love to Make AND Eat!

Hard-cooked eggs can be the start of something really cool. Like Egg and Tuna Schooners, an after school snack kids will love to make and eat!

After School Snack Ideas

Egg and Tuna Schooners


In a recent interview with writer Lois Abraham, dietitian Carol Harrison talked up the benefits of keeping hard-cooked eggs on hand. Their nutritional value and creative potential makes them a perfect choice to have in the fridge when hunger strikes. Like after a long day at school. Carol also believes hard-cooked eggs can be a great tool to use to teach kids basic cooking skills. 

Click on the images in this blog to find the recipes to make Egg Flowers, Egg and Tuna Schooners, and Egg Salad Creatures. Or, just use the pictures here for inspiration to create your own variations. You'll also find the directions for these kid-friendly meal and snack ideas in the recipe section of Egg Farmers of Ontario's website.

After School Snack Ideas

Egg Flowers


After School Snack Ideas

Egg Salad Creatures

To download a great resource written by Carol that contains nutrition tips for feeding your family along with menu planning suggestions, seasonal meal plans and templates to create your own meal plans, visit www.mealplanningmadeeasy.ca.