Planning to head to the cottage for this first long weekend of the "summer" season? (Granted, it's not technically summer yet according to the calendar and the temps here in Ontario!) Or maybe you're staying home to do some gardening or "spring" cleaning? Whatever your weekend plans, you'll need a good breakfast to fuel you. Here's an great way to make breakfast all in one dish.

Breakfast in a Pan

I love this recipe for its simplicity and, of course, its flavour! It's a favourite family recipe of egg farmers Tom and Shelley Munro of Brookdale, Ontario. You can make it for a few people - or a crowd! Or just for yourself if you're flying solo this weekend. Start by finding a baking dish (or two if you're feeding lots of people!) that will hold the number of "breakfasts" you want to make. Toss in some chopped onions and sweet pepper and put the dish into a preheated 400°F oven. If you're so inclined, add some diced bacon to cook along with the vegetables. Once the vegetables have cooked for about 10 minutes, top them with hash brown patties. (You'll find the patties in the frozen food aisle at your grocery store.) I like to push the veggies out of the way a little so I can nestle the patties flat onto the bottom of the baking dish. That way they lay evenly in the dish. Otherwise, once the patties have baked for 10 minutes and you move to the next step - cracking an egg over each hash brown patty - the eggs will probably slide off the lopsided patties. To help the eggs sit on top of the hash browns, once the patties bake for 10 minutes, use the back of a spoon to indent a spot where the egg can sit. Then carefully crack an egg over top of that space. If some of the white slips off the patty (and it just might!), don't worry. The eggs might not be picture perfect but they'll still taste good. Pop everything into the oven to cook until the eggs are done as you like them. Here it is - the complete recipe for Breakfast in a Pan.

Brought to you by: Egg Farmers of Ontario