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Looking for the Best Breakfasts in Ontario? Look No Further

Best Breakfasts In OntarioDo you like to go out for breakfast? Seems lots of us do, especially on the weekends when there's probably a little more time for a leisurely paced morning meal than during those hectic weekday mornings.  You may have your favourite breakfast spot, but if you like to try new places, consider checking out Egg Farmers of Ontario's guide to the best breakfasts in Ontario. The website, called Ontario's Best Breakfasts, contains profiles of favourite places to dine. The database can be searched by restaurant, postal code or city/town. Restaurant recommendations on the site are made by anyone who knows a great breakfast dining spot they want to share. We want to have as complete a list as possible of all the great places to enjoy breakfasts made of those morning meal favourites such as sunny side up eggs, Eggs Benedict, pancakes, and omelettes. So, why not add your favourites to our database?

On my blog this week, I've been profiling the Laviolette family who live in St. Isidore in the eastern part of Ontario.

If you also live in that part of the province or are heading there for business or pleasure, here are a few of the breakfast spots in eastern Ontario on Ontario's Best Breakfasts.

If you have any other great breakfast places to recommend, especially in this part of Ontario, we welcome you to add them to Ontario's Best Breakfasts.

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