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Maple syrup eggs recipe

Maple Syrup Eggs Recipe

Maple syrup fried egg on a waffle


Sure, Maple Syrup Fried Eggs sounds a little unusual, and you might be questioning this combination of sweet and not-sweet, but don't knock the idea 'til you've tried it. Once you've tried it, I bet you'll be trying it again. And again! The idea is pretty basic: Fry an egg in maple syrup and serve it on a waffle.

The how-to is just as basic. In fact, you don't really need directions. I just like to see my thoughts in print! LOL! Maple Syrup Eggs Recipe Over medium heat, warm one or two tablespoons (15 to 30 mL) of maple syrup in a non-stick frying pan. (I strongly recommend using real maple syrup!) Crack an egg into the syrup. As the egg gently cooks (it will poach more than fry!), spoon some of the syrup over top. When the egg is cooked to your liking (you can flip it if you want), place it on top of a warm (freshly cooked or toasted) waffle. Spoon the syrup in the pan over top of the egg and waffle. Add a little more syrup, if you wish. I prefer the yolk of a maple syrup-fried egg a bit runny. It mixes with the syrup and adds a dimension of flavour and richness to the syrup a hard-cooked yolk simply couldn't. As for the second way to combine eggs and maple syrup, it's just a teaser. (Sorry!) You won't be able to try it because the sap is no longer running in the maple trees and the 'sugaring off' season is well over. But I wanted to mention it because of its novelty. Here's a link to my friend Carol's description and images of her family cooking eggs in maple sap being boiled down to become maple syrup. Once cooked (it took about 10 minutes or so), the eggs didn't have a maple syrup flavour but Carol said they did taste a little different than eggs cooked in water. What a good way to pass the time while spending a spring day in the sugar bush!

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