10 campfire ready recipes to use this summer

Tip: Don’t forget your cast iron pan and tin foil!


If nature and fresh air are calling your name, you might be getting ready to go camping. But that doesn't mean that all you can eat are chips, dehydrated vegetables and granola bars. There are plenty of easy, quick meals that take minimal planning but leave you satisfied and ready to enjoy some fun activities!


  1. Fried Egg with a Medley of Sweet Peppers

    Let’s start it off easy. Just chop & fry for this colourful meal.


  1. Farmhouse Breakfast

    Tip: Pre-cut the veggies before you leave home to make this breakfast even easier.


  1. Easy Egg Tacos

    Scrambled eggs on the grill take this recipe to a whole new level! Taco 'bout easy!


  1. Ham & Cheese Wraps

    Bring already hard cooked eggs and you won’t even need to prep the grill for this lunch!


  1. Breakfast in a Pan

    Just toss this mix on the grill and wait!


  1. Grilled Fried Eggs

    You can’t turn down this classic.
    From Egg Farmers of Canada


  1. Pepper Egg-in-a-hole

    Keep the eggs from sliding everywhere by containing them with a pepper ring!
    From Delish


  1. BBQ Breakfast Sandwiches

    Fulfil all your camping sand-wishes.
    From Mom’s & Munchkins


  1. Campfire Cinnamon Blueberry Bread

    cinnamon blueberry bread in tin foil
    Now this is a breakfast made for glamping.
    From Taste and Tell Blog


  1. Loaded Baked Potato Breakfast Skillet

    Set it and forget it.
    From Will Cook for Smiles