10 Valentine's Day Ideas

For many, the thought of Valentine’s Day creates feelings of warmth and love. However, with the frigid weather upon us, you may be thinking about calling this year’s celebration of love off altogether. Before you decide to pass on being struck by Cupid’s arrow take a look at this list of fun Valentine’s Day ideas we put together for you. 

1. Couple's Painting

Who says paint is just for kids?  Showcase your inner Picasso or gather the family around and see who the stand-out artist is. A simple online search of “Bob Ross” paint videos will leave you more than inspired.  You can purchase all your necessities online or pick them up at your local craft or dollar store. 

Eggs-pert Tip: an empty egg carton is a great makeshift paint pallet! 

2. Dine-In

dinner date

Staying home to dine doesn’t mean you can’t get dressed up for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. Cook something fabulous together or treat your special someone to a candle-lit experience with this Runny Yolk Ravioli Recipe. Finish the night off with this elegant Custard Brȗlée

Want to go all out with a 4-course gourmet menu? Check out our blog post on gourmet Valentine's day recipe ideas!

3. Couple's Workout

We all know you have been working extra hard to stay on track with your new year’s diet and health goals, so give your heart rate a pump of love with a couple's workout this Valentine’s Day.  YouTube has a bunch of options to follow along with your partner, or pull out the Nintendo Wii and put your competitive skills to the test. Don’t forget to fuel your body afterwards - eggs are a great post-workout protein source!

4. Go Outside

ice skating

What better way to get that much needed downtime with your partner than to escape in nature. In Ontario, we are blessed to be surrounded by so many parks and trails, so why not take the time to disconnect from your phone and reconnect with that special someone on a beautiful winter hike or skate on a pond.

5. Breakfast in Bed

breakfast spread

Show your special person how much they mean to you by spoiling them with a romantic and beautiful breakfast spread. If you really want to spoil them and take things up a notch, you can make this a romantic breakfast in bed feast featuring our Canadiana Eggs Benedict, Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes, or the decadent Monte Cristo One Pan Bake.

6. Pick a Theme

This one’s as easy as it gets - pick a theme and have fun with it! This idea is so versatile and simple and there’s a theme suited to fit just about anyone and everyone, so be creative and get in the Valentine’s Day spirit. Need inspiration? What about decorating the house with flowers and hearts or host a rom-com movie night?

7. Write a Love Letter

Take things back to the days when you would express your love for your childhood crush in a good old-fashioned love letter. Before text messages, DMs and private snaps, putting pen to paper was and still is a great way to communicate your feeling towards your true love.

8. Enjoy Dessert

cgocolate lava

These decadent and rich Chocolate Lava Cakes are easy to make and even easier to enjoy! Their warm, molten centres make for a melt-in-your mouth experience that will surely impress your Valentine's Day sweetheart. Serve with vanilla ice cream for a beautiful contrast in temperatures.

9. Create a Scrapbook

valentines craft

This is another versatile option. Whether crafting by yourself, with your kids, or just you and your partner, try creating a scrapbook, mini pieces of art or a photo album with some of your best memories. 

10. Decorate Cupcakes

red velvet cup cakes

Nothing says love like something sweet. Check out these Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes with Italian Meringue Frosting that will be just as fun to make as they are to eat. Kids will have a blast helping out in the kitchen with these delicious treats!