5 Facts about Eggs You May Not Have Known!

Most of us love eggs and they are a staple in our homes. After reading this list you may just have a few new reasons to love eggs.

How many calories in an egg?

1. That’s fewer calories than a slice of bread. Two eggs or one Canada’s Food Guide serving provides just 7% of your “calorie budget” based on a typical 2000 calorie day.

How many vitamins in an egg?

2. With 14 key nutrients, eating an egg is what you call getting a big bang for your, “calorie buck”. There’s a lot of goodness packed into an egg.

How much protein in an egg?

3. Yes, the yolk! So enjoy the entire egg to get all that hunger-curbing protein.

yolk vitamins

4. Don’t short change yourself on all those nutrients, enjoy the entire egg. Worried about fat? There are just 5 grams per egg or about what you’d find in a glass of 2% milk. Curious about cholesterol and heart health? Read on.

egg heart disease

5. In a study that followed more than 100,000 men and women for 14 years (1), and in another study that followed 9,500 men and women for 20 years (2), eating 7 eggs per week did not increase the risk of stroke or heart disease in healthy adults.

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