5 ways to keep trim this holiday season (just by eating eggs)

Here’s how eggs can help you to enjoy all the trimmings while keeping trim yourself:

  1. Eat breakfast, preferable one higher in protein. When researchers compared an egg versus a bagel breakfast, they found people on the egg breakfast ate about 400 calories less later on in the day.
  2. Go for the devilled eggs on the party platters. The protein in eggs will curb your hunger making it easier to resist over doing the sweet treats. Did you know mayo used in making devilled eggs is a “healthy” fat?
  3. Eat foods that provide the most nutrition for the fewest calories. Eggs, like most whole foods are at the top of that list providing 14 essential nutrients, including protein, all for just 70 calories per egg.
  4. Eggs come in their own portion controlled pack! Two eggs or one Food Guide serving has just 140 calories. Pair that up with whole grains and fruit or vegetables for a satisfying meal that makes it easier to avoid constant nibbling.
  5. Keep hard-cooked eggs in the fridge. If your heading to a party and looking to avoid over-indulging, eat an egg before you go. With the edge off your hunger, it’s easier to indulge wisely.
  6. BONUS TIP: There’s no place for guilt when it comes to eating. If you do overdo it, aim to balance things out over the next little while.