A dry day is best for baking meringue

Baking Meringue

These giant meringues caught my eye as I walked past a bakery in Strasbourg, France while on vacation recently. There was no time to duck in and purchase one - just time enough to snap a quick pic through the window! The summer we've had so far in Ontario hasn't been ideal for making meringues. Humid, damp weather is not what you want when planning to make these airy confections with their crisp shells and tender centres. The weather we've been blessed with so far has been wet, cool, then wetter still! To make meringues you need a dry day. Moisture in the air will prevent egg whites from reaching their full volume, and produce a sticky meringue. Should we get a few dry days yet this summer, and you feel inspired to head to the kitchen instead of the garden or the beach, our baking tips and techniques and the following recipes should help you turn out picture-perfect meringues and meringue-based desserts.