Egg-in-a-hole: Christmas version

I love easy ideas that help to make healthy eating interesting for kids. This week my daughter is having a few school pals over for a Christmas lunch, and I’m the cook!    

The idea is based on the old, “egg-in-a-hole” recipe, with a twist.

That’s the idea where you butter both sides of a slice of bread, cut out a hole from the middle of the slice (just bigger than a toonie), place the bread in a pan and crack an egg into the hole.  Pan fry for a few minutes and once the egg is mostly set, carefully flip the bread so both sides are toasted and the egg is evenly cooked.

So here’s the twist.

 I’m going to cut out a piece of bread using a Christmas tree cookie cutter…so cute and so simple! 

ou could even, “decorate” the tree with diced red and green pepper!   I like to use a large electric skillet so I can cook four or even six slices at once. This would be great for a Christmas breakfast too.

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