Fried egg sandwich - Just Like Mom Used to Make

Ever get a craving for a fried egg sandwich? I often do - and it's not just because I work for Egg Farmers of Ontario!! :)

Fried Egg Sandwich

A fried egg sandwich just tastes really good, and there's something about it that's so comforting. It probably has to do with the simple prep, the use of basic ingredients most likely on hand, and the combination of interesting textures when you bite into the sandwich: crisp toast, soft or maybe a little chewy (in a good way!) egg, and velvety smooth melted cheese, if added).  Mmmmmm......! It also helps that you can whip up this sandwich in mere minutes with only a few ingredients and just a frying pan and toaster. So, if it's the middle of a busy day or the end of a long day or the kids are cranky, and a meal needs to be on the table, like NOW, consider a fried egg sandwich. Serve it, quickly and easily, along with a bowl of soup, or a salad, or some cut up veggies. You can feel good knowing you've fed yourself or the troops something nutritious with no stress and very little effort! A fried egg sandwich is a simple as it sounds. Fry an egg and place it between two pieces of bread, preferably toasted. Ah, but the variations.....

Fried Egg Sandwich * Top the egg with a slice of processed cheese when you flip it over to cook the second side. I'm not usually a processed cheese fan but there are a few occasions when it does the job. This is one of them! * Add a slice of lettuce and tomato, and/or a slice of ham or a couple slices of cooked bacon. * Add ketchup or salsa or another condiment of your choice. * Instead of a fried egg - cook some chopped onion and sweet peppers, add some chopped ham or bacon, then pour a whisked egg over top. Cook until set. (Some people call this a Denver or Western omelette sandwich.) * Substitute a hamburger bun instead of bread or toast. (I call this an egg burger!) You could also use an English muffin or a pita. Or, lay a fried egg or whisked egg fried with onions and peppers on a tortilla, place a slice of processed cheese or grated or cubed Cheddar cheese on top, then roll everything up to make a fried egg wrap. Or, tuck the rolled up fried egg (minus the tortilla) into a hot dog bun and you've got an egg 'n' cheese dog! Are there any fried egg sandwich variations you like that I missed?