How to keep eggs fresh

The eggs at your grocery store are farm fresh. About 95% of the eggs sold in Ontario are produced in Ontario and it only takes an impressive 4 to 7 days for an egg to go from farm to table. That includes the time it takes to collect, wash, grade, pack and ship eggs to your local grocery store. 3 tips to keep that Grade A egg quality and freshness:

  • Store eggs on the shelf of the fridge. It’s cooler there than the fridge door.
  • Keep eggs in the carton. That reduces the moisture that’s naturally lost from the tiny pores in the egg shell.
  • Use by the best before date stamped on the egg carton.

Did you know? Eggs are one of the few protein-rich foods that can be kept refrigerated for 4 to 5 weeks without spoiling.  That’s why I often buy two dozen at a time. On nights when I’m running low on groceries, as long as I have eggs I can manage to put together a decent meal. It’s also great when you go away on a brief holiday to know you can come home to eating eggs before having to rush out for a big shopping trip. Find out more: