The Protein Comparison - What's for Breakfast?

Eat some protein at each meal. That’s pretty standard nutrition advice these days. The main reason being protein helps us to feel full, longer. But what types of protein are best to enjoy? Foods rich in protein can also be quite dense in calories. What do you grab in the morning for breakfast? Below are some common breakfast foods – each has 12 grams of protein which is a perfect amount to start to your day. These are all excellent choices and we should be choosing a variety of protein-rich foods. That said, you may still find it a good reminder to include eggs as a regular part of your protein mix. Take a look at how much of each of these foods (and the calories) you’d need to eat to get the same amount of protein that’s normally found in two hard-cooked eggs.

infographic of 12g of protein across various types of foods


Do you have a morning sweet tooth? Sweetened baked goods account for about ¼ of our calories and they are nowhere near as nutrient-rich as any of these choices listed above. So if you are looking to improve your breakfast eating habits, you might find it beneficial to consider swapping a sweet baked good with a whole grain. Pair it with a piece of fruit and one of these protein choices listed above. What a delicious option and a fantastic start to your day. Get Cracking!

Source: Data based on calculations from Health Canada, Canadian Nutrient File, 2010. Food codes: Egg: 130, Natural Peanut Butter: 6289, Almonds: 2536, Cheddar Cheese: 119, Yogurt: 6295.