Top 3 Benefits of Meal Planning

Many people talk about meal planning, but what is all the fuss about?  Here’s the top three reasons why you should meal plan!

Saves Time:
Who doesn’t want more time?! A huge benefit of meal planning is that it will save you time. Having a detailed weekly plan with a grocery list, ingredients and recipes prepared in advance will help ease the anxiety of wondering what you should eat each day. Knowing what you will eat for the entire week helps you stay organized, which leads to  faster meal preparation, leaving  extra time throughout  the day to focus on other things.

Saves Money:
With the cost of food going up, sticking to a budget is important. Meal planning allows you to create meals with the ingredients that you already have on-hand, saving you from purchasing more groceries and also limiting food waste. Meal planning also allows you to plan for leftovers which also helps to reduce food waste and save money.

Research shows that planning ahead and cooking from home leads to overall better food choices and a healthier diet. Heading to the grocery store with list in hand also decreases the chances for those high-cost, high calorie impulse buys! Cooking at home leads to a decrease in overall calorie consumption, as well as an increase in vegetable intake of vitamins and minerals.


To learn more about the benefits of meal planning, check out this video by Registered Dietitian Andrea D’Ambrosio;

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