Warm up fall with a Potato, Egg and Green Bean Salad

Potato, Egg and Green Bean Salad from egg farmers Chris and Laura Mullet Koop

This warm meal-in-one-dish Potato, Egg and Green Bean Salad is courtesy of Chris and Laura Mullet Koop, egg farmers in Jordan, Ontario. It's made by combining cooked potatoes, green beans, hard-cooked (hard-boiled) eggs, and a simple homemade dressing. Laura suggests you can serve it one of a couple ways - as shown in the picture with all the ingredients combined together in a bowl, or by placing slices of hard-cooked egg and tomato around the edge of a platter and the potatoes and green beans in the centre. Laura told me her family "loves this recipe because it makes a quick one dish supper." She, Chris and the kids especially enjoy it in summer when they can use their own new potatoes and beans along with their own fresh eggs. I'm a big supporter of eating seasonally/locally as much as possible as are lots of people out there and I realize fresh Ontario green beans are likely not available any more. You'll probably have to use beans from elsewhere if you want to make this salad. Once you've tried it, I bet you'll want to be sure you've got green beans growing in your garden next summer! I've made this recipe a few times since getting it from Laura. I love that it's easy, tastes great, works well as a side or main dish, and can be served warm or chilled. Here's the recipe!