What is the difference between stratas and frittatas?

You may have grown up eating eggs fried, scrambled, poached, or made into a delicious Western Sandwich. Perhaps an occasional quiche has also made it into your diet. These common egg dishes are well known and easily pictured in most people's minds. But what comes to mind when you hear "strata" or "frittata"? They're both delicious egg dishes with a variety or savoury ingredients, they both can be sliced up and served on a plate. So what's the difference between the two? For the culinary wizards who already know, feel free to skip ahead to the recipes!


A frittata is round like an omelette but it can also be compared to a quiche, without crust. Unlike a regular omelette that is folded to make a semi-circle shape with the fillings in the centre, a frittata is not folded so it keeps the round shape of the skillet and the fillings are incorporated right into the beaten eggs. You might find that most frittata recipes will call for more eggs and ingredients than an omelette would. This is because a frittata tends to be thicker. It can be cut into pie-shaped slices once serving.

With all those ingredients, how do you make sure they're cooked through? There are a few options! Both the stove-top and the oven are fine to use. If you do choose to use the stove-top method, you'll want to ensure that you've put a lid on your skillet to contain the heat on both the top and the bottom. If you'd like to use the oven, all you have to do is make sure your skillet is oven-proof. Otherwise, it's set it and forget it!

Frittata recipes:

Potato & Chorizo Frittata

chorizo frittata

Asparagus Pepper & Feta Frittata

asparagus frittata

Cheeseburger Frittata

cheeseburger frittata

Apple, Almond & Cheddar Frittata

apple cheddar frittata

TIP: One night a week, plan to have breakfast for dinner.  Use up leftovers to make a quick and delicious frittata.


A strata is usually a savoury egg-bread casserole that’s baked in the oven or microwaved. Stratas can be made with a variety of taste fillings including meats, cheese, vegetables or fruits.  Usually the bread and fillings are layered in a casserole dish with the egg mixture poured over top.  The dish can be prepared the night before (or at least 2 hours before cooking) to allow time for the bread to soak up some of the egg mixture. What you're left with is a fluffy, bread-pudding-like meal that's completely customizable to the ingredients you love! There are dessert versions of stratas too!

Strata recipes:

Easy Bake Cheese Strata


cheese strata

Caesar Egg Strata

caesar strata

Sausage & Red Pepper Breakfast Strata

sausage strata


TIP: Buy some reduced or marked-down bread at your grocery store.  A nice, “less than fresh” cheese bread or baguette is perfect to make a strata. It's a fantastic way to save on your grocery bill. The same goes for any bread that has grown a little stale at home - a strata is a great way to put it to use!