5 ways to impress your mom this Mother's Day!

Mother’s Day is coming up fast and we want to help make it easy for you to pamper your mom! Whether she prefers savoury or sweet, there are tons of tasty dishes she can wake up to. So get ready to give mom the morning off!

We’ve put together five of our favourite dishes that are sure to make your mother feel special!

  1. Churro French Toast Roll Ups

    Surprise mom with breakfast in bed with these fun finger foods! French toast? Mais, oui! But don't just stop there, roll it up and envelop it in delicious churro dust. What will she dip them in? We like to use maple syrup or dulce de leche.
  1. Ricotta Cheesecake

    Let go of the thick and heavy, classic cheesecake recipe for today. Treat mom to a crustless, light and airy cheesecake with a delicate lemon flavour. It's so fluffy because it's made with ricotta! Mom won't know what to do with herself! 

  2. Easy Sweet Crepes

    When have strawberries and chocolate ever failed anyone? Combine them in this classic french crepe recipe to tickle mom's tastebuds. Sprinkle on some powdered sugar or drizzle on melted chocolate, either way - she'll experience heavenly bliss!
  1. English Muffin Breakfast Sandwich

    This sandwich tastes best when made with love. A glass of orange juice on the side of a hearty breakfast will get mom ready to go. Spending some time outdoors? She'll be ready. Got a day of fun-tivities planned? She'll keep up her strength!

  2. Morning Lifesaver
    morning lifesaver
    This make-ahead recipe is quick, easy and delicious, and it simplifies brunch prep (especially on Mother's Day)! If mom would prefer heading downstairs and eating breakfast with the whole family, this large dish will do the trick. Have a savoury meal filled with bread, ham, cheese and a medley of veggies. It's sure to spark some conversation at the brunch table!

If you've got something more specific in mind for mom, we might have the perfect recipe for it on our site! Check out www.getcracking.ca/recipes for full meal ideas and to use our meal planner and grocery list to make sure you’ve got everything you need!