6 Mostly Make Ahead Breakfast Ideas

Lazy, slow summer days when breakfast is more often brunch is enough to give anyone the back to school routine jitters. However, showing our kids that no matter how busy life gets we still make time to eat breakfast is definitely a good thing. These breakfasts can take one task out of busy mornings and still give you the satisfaction knowing everyone can take on the challenges of the day and feel great with a high protein, healthy breakfast.

  1. Egg salad and lettuce stuffed in a wrap. Use hard-cooked eggs on hand (they keep for a week in the fridge, shell on). Wrap and keep in fridge overnight to grab and go.
  2. French toast, piece of fruit, yogurt cup. Make and freeze extra French toast on weekends. Defrost overnight in the fridge and pop in the toaster the next morning.
  3. Ditto for pancakes. For a little protein boost, I always add an extra egg to what pancake mixes call for.
  4. Hard-cooked egg (made ahead), cheese, whole grain crackers, pear. Kids can make cheese & cracker “sandwiches”.
  5. Crustless quiche dinner leftovers, pita wedges, plum and milk. Eat your quiche cold or microwave it.
  6. Egg in an English muffin sandwich. Make it with hard cheese, whole grain English muffins and skip the ham or go for a low sodium variety. Cook, wrap and store in fridge the night before.