7 Ways to Use Up Leftovers from Easter Brunch

Not sure what to do with Easter leftovers? We've got 7 creative ideas to give your leftovers a new life!

Monte Cristo One Pan Bake

Keep the dishes to a minimum and the eating to a maximum with this easy recipe.

Slow Cooker Western Omelette Brunch Bake

While this savoury brunch cooks, you actually get to enjoy the time with your family!

Turkey & Egg Stromboli 

Preparation: Done in 10. Presentation: Perfect 10.

Easy Festive Brunch Bake 

Leftovers are the perfect ingredients for this tasty brunch!

Morning Life Saver

We call it a lifesaver for a reason!

Night Before Scrambled Eggs

Night before scrambled eggs

Prepare this recipe the night before and enjoy the morning searching for eggs!

Heart Egg and Bread Bake

Hearty egg and bread bake

This + Fruit Salad = a brunch everyone will enjoy!