Apple Coffee Cake recipe from egg farmers Luke and Sandra

When's the last time you ate a slice of coffee cake?

If it's been awhile - or worse - you've never tried coffee cake, why not give the recipe for Apple Coffee Cake from egg farmers Luke and Sandra from Watford, Ontario a go?

This time of year, with apples fresh from the orchards, the cake makes an especially nice snack - served with or without a cup of coffee! 

The term 'coffee cake' refers to a particular style of cake that can be served with coffee or another beverage as a snack or dessert. Coffee cakes are usually single layer cakes flavored with spices, nuts and sometimes fruit. They don't usually contain coffee although you can make mocha coffee cakes. 

The cakes often have a crumb topping called Streusel or a thin crumbly layer within the cake. Sometimes they're drizzled with a glaze.

 Since we're talking coffee cakes, did you know there were also tea cakes? The difference between the two? Teacakes are usually smaller, and frequently served with tea.