These Valentine's Day Brownie Hearts Are Sure to Please

For many of us, giving and receiving chocolate is a natural expression of love. Since brownies = chocolate, and hearts = love, how about giving Brownie Hearts to those near and dear family members, friends, neighbours and colleagues for Valentine's Day?

Please be advised that this suggestion might not quite cut it if the love of your life is anticipating scoring a pair of diamond earrings or a week of golfing at Pebble Beach for Valentine's Day!! But for the majority of special people in your life, this idea should be well received!

How to Make Valentine's Day Brownie Hearts

  1. Bake a batch of brownies using your favourite brownie recipe, or this recipe for Double Chocolate Brownies.
  2. Let the brownies cool completely, then remove them from the pan. Tip: If you bake them in a pan lined with foil that extends over the side of the pan, the brownies will be really easy to remove.
  3. Cut the brownies into hearts with a cookie cutter.
  4. Using home-made icing or purchased tubes of cookie icing and decorating gel, decorate the brownie hearts to your heart's content.
  5. Add sprinkles, coloured sugar crystals, cinnamon hearts, or other edible garnishes as you wish. Be sure to save the "leftover" brownie pieces! You can nibble on them while decorating, or freeze them to enjoy later with ice cream and chocolate sauce.